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Located in Southern Illinois, our puppies are produced with bettering the breed as our goal.  This means we aim to produce quality, healthy puppies that would make good show prospects, companions, and are bred to the standard.

Our puppy pricing starts at $4000.  This may seem high, but it is better to pay for your puppy upfront now instead of later in vet bills like you would if you purchased a puppy from online markets or a pet store.  Learn more about purchasing from a Breeder of Merit here.

Before you bring home your new companion, s/he will be microchipped and up-to-date on all age appropriate vaccinations.  We keep our puppies until 10 weeks old to give them ample time to learn manners from mom and their siblings.  All of our puppies are on spay/neuter contracts and are limited registration.

If interested in adult, we sometimes have retired dogs available.  Please specify your interests on our application.​​


If interested in purchasing a puppy from me, please fill out our online application or copy the following questions and email your responses to ACEBULLIES[AT]AOL.COM.  Thank you.

Home Phone Number: 
Cell Phone Number:

Please describe your home environment:  

Do you have a fenced in yard:  

Please list members of the household and their ages:  
Gender Desired:
Show or Pet Quality Desired: 

Puppy, Retired Dog, or Either:  
Do you currently have any other animals?  If so, what breed and ages?: 
When are you wanting your bulldog puppy?: 
Describe anything specific you are looking for and add any additional comments here:

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