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About Us

I fell in love with my sister's bulldog, Ch Philsands Blazing Star, while vacationing in Florida.  Truly, until this point, I really had no idea what she saw in these snoring, snorting, farting companions.  This dog was majestic, resolute and beautiful.  I watched him in the show ring and he was having a ball strutting his stuff.  After he warmed up to me, he offered me all the love he had, as do all bullies. I decided I needed one of these buddies to be a member of my family.  It is a decision I have never regretted.  

My husband and I have three autistic children and they love the bulldogs.  Bulldogs are just fantastic with kids or almost any living situation that involves love, air conditioning, food, water, and more love. They let my kids lay on them and snuggle with them under blankets (even though "they" may be hot - they are not leaving the love) and even play with their puppies in the whelping box.  

My R & R is to go to a dog show for the weekend and play with my bullies and to spend time with my bulldog friends.  I have made many, many close friends all across the US and they are friends of my heart and mind.  Just like our breed, incredible fantastic loyal and fun.  And, we all share the same addiction -- Bulldogs.

Thanks for stopping in!
Kelley Ensminger and the gang

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