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You will hear puppy millers and other disreputable breeders suggest to you that a pedigree doesn't matter.  They don't offer to send you your puppies pedigree or maybe they send it and there are three champions in it.  While I am not suggesting that all bulldogs should be show dogs and therefore, eventually champions, I do strongly feel that a bulldog's pedigree is a strong indicator of the future health of your bulldog puppy.  

A bully that can't walk, see, behave (bad temperament) or has a bad coat cannot become a champion.  The judges go over each bulldog with a fine tooth comb and choose the best.  In order to become a champion, a bulldog must beat in the ring, fourteen bullies of the same sex two different times, called a major, and nine other times beat at least two bulldogs of the same sex. Although there are usually more, this is just the minimum.  Therefore, based on the number of bulldog champions in the pedigree, you know that for the most part, these bulldogs were all healthy and good physical specimens of bulldogs.  And, those genetics are passed down from bulldog to bulldogs and as my Daddy says, "blood will tell."  This is my theory on bulldogs health. Although it is not faultless, this is a breed that requires pampering,  it is a good tool to help with purchasing decisions.  When someone calls about purchasing a bulldog puppy, this is the advice I give them.  And, as always, Buyer Beware.  Any reputable breeder will have a good health guarantee.  

I have had lots of people look at puppy mill pups and then mine and say, wow, they don't look at all alike.  That is the breeding and that is why you will never be embarrassed to show your bulldog to anyone. My puppies will grow up to look like English bulldogs. :)   

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